Raspberry Pi OS Software Packages

Raspberry Pi OS is the offical operating system of the Raspberry Pi (previously known as Raspbian). Though not the only Operarting Systems the Raspberry Pi can use, it is the one that has the setup and software managed by the Raspberry Pi foundation. Raspberry Pi OS is a Linux OS based on Debian. As with all Linux distributions there are 1000's of free Open Source programs that can be downloaded from a Terminal Screen or a Desktop app. This section list the 1000's of programs that can be downloaded for the current version of Raspberry Pi OS, Buster version 10 and the previouse version, Stretch.

KDE Packages

raspberrySoftware for the KDE Desktop environment

To install Raspberry Pi OS software on a Raspberry Pi

Packages are installed using Terminal. First get an updated package list by entering the following command in to terminal if this has not been done today sudo apt update
Then install your chosen package with the command sudo apt install package name Find out more with the Guide to installing software with the apt command

WWW: Please Note: each listing has a www link to a related webpage, the links are supplied by the author. I can not guarantee thay are all active and related to the listed package.

Distro Version:

The latest Distro for Raspberry Pi OS is Bullseye, the previouse version was Buster. Next to each package is the version available for each distro.

Bullseye(#) = Raspberry Pi OS Bullseye
Buster(#) = Raspberry Pi OS Buster
Bullseye & Buster(#) = same version for both.
If only one Distro is listed then the package is only available on that distribution.

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Last Updated: 27 August, 2023

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  • A

  • adapta-kde

    Bullseye & Buster:(20180828-2) Port of the popular Gtk theme Adapta for Plasma 5 desktop www
  • akonadi-contacts-data

    Bullseye:(4:20.08.3-1) Buster:(4:18.08.3-1) Akonadi contacts access library - data files www
  • akonadi-mime-data

    Bullseye:(4:20.08.3-1) Buster:(4:18.08.3-1) Akonadi MIME handling library - data files www
  • apper

    Bullseye:(1.0.0-3+b8) Buster:(1.0.0-2) KDE package management tool using PackageKit www
  • apper-data

    Bullseye:(1.0.0-3) Buster:(1.0.0-2) KDE package management tool using PackageKit (data files) www
  • autokey-qt

    Bullseye:(0.95.10-2) desktop automation utility - Qt version www
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  • B

  • basket

    Bullseye:(2.49-1) Buster:(2.11~beta+git20180715.058ce7a-1) multi-purpose note-taking application www
  • basket-data

    Bullseye:(2.49-1) Buster:(2.11~beta+git20180715.058ce7a-1) data files for BasKet Notepads www
  • bibletime

    Bullseye:(3.0-5+rpi1) Buster:(2.11.2-11+rpi1) bible study tool for Qt www
  • bibletime-data

    Bullseye:(3.0-5+rpi1) Buster:(2.11.2-11+rpi1) Documentation and data for bibletime, a bible study tool www
  • breeze

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-4) Buster:(4:5.14.5-1) Default Plasma theme (Metapackage) www
  • breeze-cursor-theme

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-4) Buster:(4:5.14.5-1) Default Plasma cursor theme www
  • breeze-dev

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-4) Buster:(4:5.14.5-1) Default Plasma theme (development files) www
  • breeze-gtk-theme

    Bullseye:(5.20.5-1) Buster:(5.14.5-1) GTK theme built to match KDE's Breeze www
  • breeze-icon-theme

    Bullseye:(4:5.78.0-2) Buster:(4:5.54.0-1) Default Plasma icon theme www
  • breeze-icon-theme-rcc

    Bullseye:(4:5.78.0-2) Buster:(4:5.54.0-1) RCC resources for the breeze icon theme www
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  • C

  • calligra

    Bullseye:(1:3.2.1+dfsg-2) Buster:(1:3.1.0+dfsg-5) extensive productivity and creative suite www
  • calligra-gemini

    Bullseye:(1:3.2.1+dfsg-2+b5) Buster:(1:3.1.0+dfsg-5) unified interface for stage and words www
  • calligra-gemini-data

    Bullseye:(1:3.2.1+dfsg-2) Buster:(1:3.1.0+dfsg-5) Calligra Gemini - data files www
  • calligraplan

    Bullseye:(1:3.3.0-1) Buster:(1:3.1.0-3+b1) integrated project management and planning tool www
  • calligrastage

    Bullseye:(1:3.2.1+dfsg-2+b5) Buster:(1:3.1.0+dfsg-5) presentation program for the Calligra Suite www
  • calligrastage-data

    Bullseye:(1:3.2.1+dfsg-2) Buster:(1:3.1.0+dfsg-5) data files for Calligra Stage www
  • choqok

    Bullseye:(1.7.0-1) Buster:(1.6-2.1) KDE micro-blogging client www
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  • D

  • debconf-kde-data

    Bullseye:(1.0.3-4) Buster:(1.0.3-1) Debconf KDE data files www
  • debconf-kde-helper

    Bullseye:(1.0.3-4) Buster:(1.0.3-1) Debconf KDE GUI frontend tool www
  • drkonqi

    Bullseye:(5.20.5-1) Buster:(5.14.5-1) Crash handler for Qt applications www
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  • E

  • elisa

    Bullseye:(20.12.3-1) Buster:(1.0.9+bzr1614-1.1) Simple music player with a focus on Plasma desktop integration and privacy www
  • eqonomize

    Bullseye:(1.5.1-1) Buster:(1.3.1-1) personal accounting software for the small household economy www
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  • F

  • fcitx5-config-qt

    Bullseye:(5.0.3-3) configuration tool for Fcitx5 (Qt version) www
  • ffmpegthumbs

    Bullseye:(4:20.12.0-1) Buster:(4:18.12.0-1) video thumbnail generator using ffmpeg www
  • filelight

    Bullseye:(4:20.12.0-1) Buster:(4:18.04.1-1.1) show where your diskspace is being used www
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  • G

  • gambas3-gb-gui-qt

    Bullseye:(3.15.2-1) Buster:(3.12.2-1) transitional package www
  • gambas3-gb-gui-qt-webkit

    Bullseye:(3.15.2-1) Buster:(3.12.2-1) transitional package www
  • gambas3-gb-qt5-webkit

    Bullseye:(3.15.2-1) Buster:(3.12.2-1+b1) Gambas WebKit component www
  • grub-theme-breeze

    Bullseye:(5.20.5-1) Breeze theme for GRUB 2 www
  • gstreamer-qapt

    Bullseye:(3.0.5-1) Buster:(3.0.4-1) GStreamer plugin to install codecs using QApt www
  • gtk3-engines-breeze

    Bullseye:(5.20.5-1) Buster:(5.14.5-1) Transitional package for KDE's Breeze www
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  • I

  • icecc-monitor

    Bullseye:(3.3-1) Buster:(3.2.0-1) monitor for icecc www
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  • K

  • k3b

    Bullseye:(20.12.2-1) Buster:(18.08.1-1) Sophisticated CD/DVD burning application www
  • k3b-data

    Bullseye:(20.12.2-1) Buster:(18.08.1-1) Sophisticated CD/DVD burning application - data files www
  • kaccounts-integration

    Bullseye:(4:20.12.1-1) Buster:(4:17.08.3-1+b3) System to administer web accounts www
  • kaccounts-providers

    Bullseye:(4:20.12.1-3+rpi2) Buster:(4:17.08.3-1+b5) KDE providers for accounts sign-on www
  • kactivitymanagerd

    Bullseye:(5.20.5-1) Buster:(5.14.5-1) System service to manage user's activities www
  • kamoso

    Bullseye:(20.12.1-1) Buster:(18.04.0-3+b1) tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam www
  • kanyremote

    Bullseye:(8.1-1.1) Buster:(6.4-2) KDE frontend for anyRemote www
  • kate5-data

    Bullseye:(4:20.12.2-1) Buster:(4:18.08.0-1) shared data files for Kate text editor www
  • kbackup

    Bullseye:(20.12.1-1) Buster:(18.12.1-1) Easy to use backup program www
  • kbibtex

    Bullseye:(0.9.90-1+rpi1) Buster:(0.8.1-1+b1) BibTeX editor for KDE www
  • kbibtex-data

    Bullseye:(0.9.90-1+rpi1) Buster:(0.8.1-1) BibTeX editor for KDE -- common data www
  • kchmviewer

    Bullseye & Buster:(7.7-1) CHM viewer for KDE www
  • kde-config-cddb

    Bullseye:(4:20.12.0-1) Buster:(4:17.08.3-3) CDDB retrieval configuration www
  • kde-config-fcitx

    Bullseye:(0.5.6-2) Buster:(0.5.5-2) KDE configuration module for Fcitx www
  • kde-config-fcitx5

    Bullseye:(5.0.3-3) KDE configuration module for Fcitx5 www
  • kde-config-gtk-style

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-2) Buster:(4:5.14.5-1) KDE configuration module for GTK+ 2.x and GTK+ 3.x styles selection www
  • kde-config-gtk-style-preview

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-2) Buster:(4:5.14.5-1) KDE configuration module for GTK+ 2.x and GTK+ 3.x styles selection (extras) www
  • kde-config-mobile-networking

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-3) Plasma mobile configuration modules www
  • kde-config-plymouth

    Bullseye:(5.20.5-1) Buster:(5.14.5-1) KCM for Plymouth www
  • kde-config-sddm

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-1) Buster:(4:5.14.5-1) KCM module for SDDM www
  • kde-config-systemd

    Bullseye:(1.2.1-3.2) Buster:(1.2.1-3) KDE control center module for Systemd www
  • kde-config-tablet

    Bullseye:(3.2.0-4) Buster:(3.1.1-1) implements a KDE configuration GUI for the Wacom drivers www
  • kde-config-telepathy-accounts

    Bullseye:(20.08.0-1) Buster:(17.08.3-1) KDE Control Module for managing Telepathy Accounts www
  • kde-icons-crystal

    Bullseye & Buster:(3.7-3) Crystal icon theme for KDE
  • kde-style-breeze

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-4) Buster:(4:5.14.5-1) Widget style for Qt and KDE Software www
  • kde-style-oxygen-qt5

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-1) Buster:(4:5.14.5-1) Qt decoration for the Oxygen desktop theme www
  • kde-style-qtcurve-qt5

    Bullseye:(1.9-7+b2) Buster:(1.9-2+b2) QtCurve widget style for applications based on Qt 5.x www
  • kde-telepathy-approver

    Bullseye:(20.08.0-1) Buster:(17.08.3-2) KDED module for approving incoming conversations www
  • kde-telepathy-auth-handler

    Bullseye:(20.08.0-1) Buster:(17.08.3-2) KDE Telepathy authentication handler www
  • kde-telepathy-call-ui

    Bullseye:(20.08.0-1) Buster:(17.08.3-1) KDE Telepathy UI for audio/video calls www
  • kde-telepathy-contact-list

    Bullseye:(20.08.0-1) Buster:(17.08.3-1) Telepathy contact list for the KDE Plasma Desktop www
  • kde-telepathy-desktop-applets

    Bullseye:(20.08.0-1) Buster:(17.08.3-2.1) KDE Telepathy contact plasmoid www
  • kde-telepathy-filetransfer-handler

    Bullseye:(20.08.0-1) Buster:(17.08.3-1) KDE Telepathy file transfer handler www
  • kde-telepathy-integration-module

    Bullseye:(20.08.0-1) Buster:(17.08.3-1) Telepathy integration module for the KDE Workspace www
  • kde-telepathy-kaccounts

    Bullseye:(20.08.0-1+b2) Buster:(17.08.3-1+b3) kaccounts plugins for kde-telepathy www
  • kde-telepathy-send-file

    Bullseye:(20.08.0-1) Buster:(17.08.3-1) KDE Telepathy dolphin/konqueror integration plugin www
  • kde-thumbnailer-deb

    Bullseye:(3.0.5-1) Buster:(3.0.4-1) KDE plugin to show thumbnails of Debian package files www
  • kde-zeroconf

    Bullseye:(4:20.12.0-1) Buster:(4:17.12.2-1) zeroconf plugins and kio slaves for KDE www
  • kdebugsettings

    Bullseye:(20.12.0-1) Buster:(18.04.1-1) application to enable/disable qCDebug settings www
  • kdeconnect

    Bullseye:(20.12.3-2) Buster:(1.3.3-2+b3) connect smartphones to your desktop devices www
  • kdeedu-data

    Bullseye:(4:20.12.0-1) Buster:(4:17.08.3-2) data files for KDE education applications www
  • kdeedu-kvtml-data

    Bullseye:(4:20.12.0-1) Buster:(4:17.08.3-2) KVTML files for KDE-Edu programs www
  • kdegraphics-mobipocket

    Bullseye:(4:20.12.0-1) Buster:(4:17.08.3-2) mobipocket thumbnail plugin www
  • kdegraphics-thumbnailers

    Bullseye:(4:20.12.0-1) Buster:(4:17.08.3-1) graphics file format thumbnailers for KDE SC www
  • kdeplasma-addons-data

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-1+rpi1) Buster:(4: locale files for kdeplasma-addons www
  • kdeplasma-applets-xrdesktop

    Bullseye:(0.15.0-1) xrdesktop applet for KDE Plasma www
  • kdiff3

    Bullseye:(1.8.5-1) Buster:(1.7.90-3) compares and merges 2 or 3 files or directories www
  • kdm-gdmcompat

    Bullseye & Buster:(0.13-2) Provide basic gdm functionality to systems running kdm www
  • keurocalc

    Bullseye:(1.3.0-3) Buster:(1.2.3-3) universal currency converter and calculator www
  • keurocalc-data

    Bullseye:(1.3.0-3) Buster:(1.2.3-3) universal currency converter and calculator - data package www
  • kexi-data

    Bullseye:(1:3.2.0-2) Buster:(1:3.1.0-4) data files for kexi www
  • kgeography-data

    Bullseye:(4:20.12.0-1) Buster:(4:17.08.3-1) data files for KGeography www
  • khotkeys

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-1) Buster:(4:5.14.5-1) configure input actions settings www
  • khotkeys-data

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-1) Buster:(4:5.14.5-1) configure input actions settings www
  • kid3

    Bullseye:(3.8.5-3) Buster:(3.7.0-2) KDE audio tag editor www
  • kid3-cli

    Bullseye:(3.8.5-3) Buster:(3.7.0-2) Command line audio tag editor www
  • kid3-core

    Bullseye:(3.8.5-3) Buster:(3.7.0-2) Audio tag editor core libraries and data www
  • kid3-qt

    Bullseye:(3.8.5-3) Buster:(3.7.0-2) Audio tag editor www
  • kimageformat-plugins

    Bullseye:(5.78.0-5) Buster:(5.54.0-1) additional image format plugins for QtGui www
  • kinfocenter

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-1) Buster:(4:5.14.5-1) system information viewer www
  • kio-audiocd

    Bullseye:(4:20.12.0-1) Buster:(4:17.08.3-1) transparent audio CD access for applications using the KDE Platform www
  • kio-extras

    Bullseye:(4:20.12.2-1+rpi1) Buster:(4:18.08.3-1+rpi1) Extra functionality for kioslaves. www
  • kio-extras-data

    Bullseye:(4:20.12.2-1+rpi1) Buster:(4:18.08.3-1+rpi1) Extra functionality for kioslaves data files. www
  • kio-fuse

    Bullseye:(5.0.0-4) FUSE Interface for KIO www
  • kio-gopher

    Bullseye:(0.1.99-3) Buster:(0.1.99-2) gopher KIO slave www
  • kipi-plugins

    Bullseye:(4:20.12.0-1) Buster:(4:5.9.0-1+b1) image manipulation/handling plugins for KIPI aware programs www
  • kipi-plugins-common

    Bullseye:(4:20.12.0-1) Buster:(4:5.9.0-1) kipi-plugins architecture-independent data www
  • kirigami-gallery

    Bullseye:(20.12.0-1) set of QtQuick components targeted for mobile use www
  • kirigami2-dev

    Bullseye:(5.78.0-3) Buster:(5.54.0-1) set of QtQuick components targeted for mobile use www
  • kiten

    Bullseye:(4:20.12.2-1) Buster:(4:17.08.3-1) Japanese reference and study aid for KDE www
  • kleopatra

    Bullseye:(4:20.08.3-1) Buster:(4:18.08.3-1) Certificate Manager and Unified Crypto GUI www
  • klettres

    Bullseye:(4:20.12.1-1) Buster:(4:17.08.3-2) foreign alphabet tutor for KDE www
  • klettres-data

    Bullseye:(4:20.12.1-1) Buster:(4:17.08.3-2) data files for KLettres foreign alphabet tutor www
  • kmenuedit

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-1) Buster:(4:5.14.5-1) XDG menu editor www
  • kmymoney

    Bullseye:(5.1.1-1) Buster:(5.0.3-2) personal finance manager for KDE www
  • kmymoney-common

    Bullseye:(5.1.1-1) Buster:(5.0.3-2) KMyMoney architecture independent files www
  • knotes

    Bullseye:(4:20.08.3-1+rpi1) Buster:(4:18.08.3-1+rpi1) sticky notes application www
  • kongress

    Bullseye:(1.0.1-1) companion application for conferences made by KDE www
  • konq-plugins

    Bullseye:(4:20.12.0-4+rpi1) Buster:(4:18.12.0-1+rpi1) plugins for Konqueror, the KDE file/web/document browser www
  • konsole

    Bullseye:(4:20.12.3-1) Buster:(4:18.04.0-1) X terminal emulator www
  • konsole-kpart

    Bullseye:(4:20.12.3-1) Buster:(4:18.04.0-1) Konsole plugin for Qt applications www
  • konsolekalendar

    Bullseye:(4:20.08.3-1+rpi1) Buster:(4:18.08.3-1+rpi1) konsole personal organizer www
  • kookbook

    Bullseye:(0.2.1-2) Buster:(0.2.1-1) simple recipe manager taking structured markdown for recipes www
  • korganizer

    Bullseye:(4:20.08.3-1+rpi1) Buster:(4:18.08.3-1+rpi1) calendar and personal organizer www
  • kpackagetool5

    Bullseye:(5.78.0-3) Buster:(5.54.0-1) command line kpackage tool www
  • kraft

    Bullseye:(0.96-1) Buster:(0.82-1+b2) small business-management application www
  • krusader

    Bullseye:(2:2.7.2-2) Buster:(2:2.7.1-1) twin-panel (commander-style) file manager www
  • kscreen

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-1) Buster:(4:5.14.5-1+b1) KDE monitor hotplug and screen handling www
  • kshutdown

    Bullseye & Buster:(4.2-1) advanced shut down utility for KDE www
  • ksysguard

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-2) Buster:(4:5.14.5-1) process monitor and system statistics www
  • ksysguard-data

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-2) Buster:(4:5.14.5-1) library for monitoring your system - shared library www
  • ksysguardd

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-2) Buster:(4:5.14.5-1) System Guard Daemon www
  • kteatime

    Bullseye:(4:20.12.0-1) Buster:(4:18.04.1-1) utility for making a fine cup of tea www
  • ktechlab

    Bullseye:(0.50.0-2) IDE for microcontrollers and electronics www
  • ktexteditor-data

    Bullseye:(5.78.0-3+rpi1) Buster:(5.54.0-1+rpi1) provide advanced plain text editing services www
  • ktouch

    Bullseye:(4:20.12.0-2) Buster:(4:18.04.1-1) touch typing tutor for KDE www
  • ktouch-data

    Bullseye:(4:20.12.0-2) Buster:(4:18.04.1-1) data files for ktouch www
  • kup-backup

    Bullseye:(0.8.0-1+b2) Buster:(0.7.1+dfsg-1+b1) backup tool for KDE's Plasma desktop www
  • kwalletcli

    Bullseye:(3.03-1) Buster:(3.02-1+b1) command line interface to the KDE Wallet www
  • kwave

    Bullseye:(20.12.2-1) Buster:(18.08.1-1) sound editor for KDE www
  • kwayland-integration

    Bullseye:(5.20.5-1) Buster:(5.14.5-1) kwayland runtime integration plugins www
  • kwin-addons

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-1+rpi1) Buster:(4: additional desktop and window switchers for KWin www
  • kwin-common

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-1) Buster:(4:5.14.5-1) KDE window manager, common files www
  • kwin-data

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-1) Buster:(4:5.14.5-1) KDE window manager data files www
  • kwin-decoration-oxygen

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-1) Buster:(4:5.14.5-1) KWin decoration for the Oxygen desktop theme www
  • kwin-effect-xrdesktop

    Bullseye:(0.15.1-1+b1) xrdesktop effect for KWin www
  • kwin-style-breeze

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-4) Buster:(4:5.14.5-1) KWin Breeze Style www
  • kwin-wayland

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-1) Buster:(4:5.14.5-1) KDE window manager, wayland version, PREVIEW release www
  • kwin-x11

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-1) Buster:(4:5.14.5-1) KDE window manager, X11 version www
  • kwordquiz

    Bullseye:(4:20.12.1-1) Buster:(4:17.08.3-1) flashcard learning program www
  • kwrited

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-1) Buster:(4:5.14.5-1) Read and write console output to X www
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  • L

  • latte-dock

    Bullseye:(0.9.11-1) Buster:(0.8.5-1) Dock based on plasma frameworks www
  • libk3b7-extracodecs

    Bullseye:(20.12.2-1) Buster:(18.08.1-1) KDE CD/DVD burning application library - extra decoders www
  • libkf5codecs-data

    Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) Buster:(5.54.0-1) collection of methods to manipulate strings www
  • libkf5filemetadata-bin

    Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) Buster:(5.54.0-1) library for extracting file metadata www
  • libkf5filemetadata-data

    Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) Buster:(5.54.0-1) library for extracting file metadata www
  • libmygpo-qt5-1

    Bullseye:(1.1.0-4) Buster:(1.1.0-3) mygpo-qt library package www
  • libpam-kwallet-common

    Bullseye:(5.20.5-1) Buster:(5.14.5-1) KWallet integration with PAM (common files) www
  • libqapt3-runtime

    Bullseye:(3.0.5-1) Buster:(3.0.4-1) Runtime components for the QApt library www
  • libreoffice-kf5

    Bullseye:(1:7.0.4-4+rpi1+deb11u6) office productivity suite -- KDE Frameworks 5 integration www
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  • M

  • materia-kde

    Bullseye:(20210129-1) Port of the popular GTK theme Materia for Plasma 5 www
  • milou

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-1) Buster:(4:5.14.5-1) Dedicated search plasmoid www
  • minuet

    Bullseye:(20.12.1-1) Buster:(17.08.3-2) KDE Software for Music Education www
  • minuet-data

    Bullseye:(20.12.1-1) Buster:(17.08.3-2) data files for Minuet www
  • muon

    Bullseye:(4:5.8.0-2+b2) Buster:(4:5.8.0-1) graphical package manager www
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  • N

  • nautilus-kdeconnect

    Bullseye:(20.12.3-2) KDE Connect integration for Nautilus www
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  • O

  • okteta

    Bullseye:(5:0.26.5-2) Buster:(5:0.25.5-1) hexadecimal editor for binary files www
  • okular-extra-backends

    Bullseye:(4:20.12.3-2) Buster:(4:17.12.2-2.2+deb10u1) additional document format support for Okular www
  • okular-mobile

    Bullseye:(4:20.12.3-2) Buster:(4:17.12.2-2.2+deb10u1) mobile support for Okular www
  • oxygen-sounds

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-1) Buster:(4:5.14.5-1) Sounds for the Oxygen desktop theme www
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  • P

  • parley

    Bullseye & Buster:(4:17.08.3-1.1) vocabulary trainer www
  • parley-data

    Bullseye & Buster:(4:17.08.3-1.1) data files for the Parley vocabulary trainer www
  • pentobi-kde-thumbnailer

    Bullseye:(18.3-1+rpi1) Buster:(16.2-1+rpi1) clone of the strategy board game Blokus - KDE thumbnailer www
  • peruse

    Bullseye:(1.2+dfsg+20191117-1) Buster:(1.2+dfsg+20181001-1) comic book reader www
  • peruse-common

    Bullseye:(1.2+dfsg+20191117-1) Buster:(1.2+dfsg+20181001-1) common files for peruse www
  • plasma-applet-redshift-control

    Bullseye:(1.0.18+phabricator~2019080100-1) Buster:(1.0.18-2+deb10u1) Adjusts the color temperature of your screen www
  • plasma-browser-integration

    Bullseye:(5.20.5-1) Buster:(5.14.5-1) Chromium, Google Chrome, Firefox integration for Plasma www
  • plasma-calendar-addons

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-1+rpi1) Buster:(4: additional calendar plugins for Plasma 5 www
  • plasma-dataengines-addons

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-1+rpi1) Buster:(4: additional data engines for Plasma www
  • plasma-desktop

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-4) Buster:(4: Tools and widgets for the desktop www
  • plasma-desktop-data

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-4) Buster:(4: Tools and widgets for the desktop data files www
  • plasma-discover

    Bullseye:(5.20.5-3) Buster:( Discover software management suite www
  • plasma-discover-backend-flatpak

    Bullseye:(5.20.5-3) Buster:( Discover software management suite - Flatpak backend www
  • plasma-discover-backend-fwupd

    Bullseye:(5.20.5-3) Discover software management suite - fwupd backend www
  • plasma-discover-backend-snap

    Bullseye:(5.20.5-3) Buster:( Discover software management suite - Snap backend www
  • plasma-discover-common

    Bullseye:(5.20.5-3) Buster:( Discover software manager suite (common data files) www
  • plasma-disks

    Bullseye:(5.20.5-1) Monitor S.M.A.R.T. capable devices for imminent failure in Plasma www
  • plasma-gmailfeed

    Bullseye & Buster:(1.1-2) plasmoid that shows your Gmail feed with notifications www
  • plasma-integration

    Bullseye:(5.20.5-1) Buster:(5.14.5-1) Qt Platform Theme integration plugins for KDE Plasma www
  • plasma-mediacenter

    Bullseye:(5.7.5-2) Buster:(5.7.5-1+b1) multimedia center for KDE desktop www
  • plasma-nano

    Bullseye:(5.20.5-1+b2) Plasma shell for embedded devices
  • plasma-nm

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-3) Buster:(4:5.14.5-1) Plasma network connections management www
  • plasma-pa

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-1) Buster:(4:5.14.5-1) Plasma 5 Volume controller www
  • plasma-runner-installer

    Bullseye:(3.0.5-1) Buster:(3.0.4-1) KRunner plugin for installing packages www
  • plasma-runner-telepathy-contact

    Bullseye:(20.08.0-1) Buster:(17.08.3-1) Telepathy Contact KRunner plugin www
  • plasma-runners-addons

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-1+rpi1) Buster:(4: additional runners for Plasma 5 and Krunner www
  • plasma-sdk

    Bullseye:(5.20.5-1) Buster:(5.14.5-1) IDE tailored for development of Plasma components www
  • plasma-systray-legacy

    Bullseye:(0~git20151104-ded1538-2+b1) Buster:(0~git20151104-ded1538-2) XEmbed SNI Proxy www
  • plasma-theme-oxygen

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-1) Buster:(4:5.14.5-1) Look-and-feel for the Oxygen desktop theme www
  • plasma-thunderbolt

    Bullseye:(5.20.5-1) Plasma addons for managing Thunderbolt devices www
  • plasma-vault

    Bullseye:(5.20.5-1) Buster:(5.14.5-1) Plasma applet and services for creating encrypted vaults www
  • plasma-wallpapers-addons

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-1+rpi1) Buster:(4: additional wallpaper plugins for Plasma 5 www
  • plasma-widgets-addons

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-1+rpi1) Buster:(4: additional widgets for Plasma 5 www
  • plasma-workspace

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-6) Buster:(4: Plasma Workspace for KF5 www
  • plasma-workspace-data

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-6) Plasma Workspace for KF5 - data files www
  • plasma-workspace-wallpapers

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-1) Buster:(4:5.14.5-1) Wallpapers for Plasma 5 www
  • plasma-workspace-wayland

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-6) Buster:(4: Plasma Workspace for KF5 - Wayland integration www
  • plymouth-theme-breeze

    Bullseye:(5.20.5-1) Buster:(5.14.5-1) Breeze theme for Plymouth www
  • polkit-kde-agent-1

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-1) Buster:(4:5.14.5-1) KDE dialogs for PolicyKit www
  • powerdevil

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-2) Buster:(4:5.14.5-1) Global power saver settings. www
  • powerdevil-data

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-2) Buster:(4:5.14.5-1) Global power saver settings data files. www
  • print-manager

    Bullseye:(4:20.12.0-1) Buster:(4:18.12.1-2+deb10u1) printer configuration and monitoring tools www
  • projecteur

    Bullseye:(0.8-1) virtual laser pointer for Logitech Spotlight devices www
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  • Q

  • qapt-batch

    Bullseye:(3.0.5-1) Buster:(3.0.4-1) Batch package manager for KDE www
  • qapt-deb-installer

    Bullseye:(3.0.5-1) Buster:(3.0.4-1) tool for installing deb files www
  • qapt-utils

    Bullseye:(3.0.5-1) Buster:(3.0.4-1) complete collection of QApt package management utilities www
  • qml-module-org-kde-kaccounts

    Bullseye:(4:20.12.1-1) Buster:(4:17.08.3-1+b3) KAccounts QtDeclarative QML Support www
  • qml-module-org-kde-kirigami2

    Bullseye:(5.78.0-3) Buster:(5.54.0-1) set of QtQuick components targeted for mobile use www
  • qml-module-org-kde-okular

    Bullseye:(4:20.12.3-2) Buster:(4:17.12.2-2.2+deb10u1) mobile support for Okular - QML modules www
  • qml-module-org-kde-qqc2desktopstyle

    Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) Buster:(5.54.0-1) Qt Quick Controls 2: Desktop Style www
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  • S

  • sddm

    Bullseye:(0.19.0-3) Buster:(0.18.0-1+deb10u1) modern display manager for X11 www
  • sddm-theme-breeze

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-6) Buster:(4: Breeze SDDM theme www
  • sddm-theme-debian-breeze

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-6) Buster:(4: Debian Breeze SDDM theme www
  • sddm-theme-debian-elarun

    Bullseye:(0.19.0-3) Buster:(0.18.0-1+deb10u1) 'Debian Elarun' Theme for SDDM X11 display manager www
  • sddm-theme-debian-maui

    Bullseye:(0.19.0-3) Buster:(0.18.0-1+deb10u1) 'Debian Maui' theme for SDDM X11 display manager www
  • sddm-theme-elarun

    Bullseye:(0.19.0-3) Buster:(0.18.0-1+deb10u1) 'Elarun' Theme for SDDM X11 display manager www
  • sddm-theme-maldives

    Bullseye:(0.19.0-3) Buster:(0.18.0-1+deb10u1) 'Maldives' theme for SDDM X11 display manager www
  • sddm-theme-maui

    Bullseye:(0.19.0-3) Buster:(0.18.0-1+deb10u1) 'Maui' theme for SDDM X11 display manager www
  • sddm-theme-maya

    Bullseye:(0.19.0-3) Buster:(0.18.0-1+deb10u1) 'Maya' theme for SDDM X11 display manager www
  • signon-kwallet-extension

    Bullseye:(4:20.12.1-1+b1) Buster:(4:17.08.3-1) KWallet extension for signond www
  • skrooge

    Bullseye:(2.24.6-1+b1) Buster:(2.18.0-1) personal finance manager for KDE www
  • skrooge-common

    Bullseye:(2.24.6-1) Buster:(2.18.0-1) Skrooge architecture independent files www
  • smb4k

    Bullseye:(3.0.7-1) Buster:(2.1.1-1+b4) Samba (SMB) share advanced browser www
  • sonnet-plugins

    Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) Buster:(5.54.0-1) spell checking library for Qt, plugins www
  • soundkonverter

    Bullseye:(3.0.1-2) Buster:(3.0.1-1) audio converter frontend for KDE www
  • subtitlecomposer

    Bullseye:(0.7.0-2) Buster:(0.6.6-2+b3) text-based subtitle editor www
  • systemsettings

    Bullseye:(4:5.20.5-2) Buster:(4:5.14.5-1.1) System Settings interface www
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  • T

  • tellico

    Bullseye:(3.3.5-1) Buster:(3.1.4-1+b1) Collection manager for books, videos, music, etc www
  • tellico-data

    Bullseye:(3.3.5-1) Buster:(3.1.4-1) Collection manager for books, videos, music, etc [data] www
  • tellico-scripts

    Bullseye:(3.3.5-1) Buster:(3.1.4-1) Collection manager for books, videos, music, etc [scripts] www
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  • U

  • user-manager

    Bullseye:(4:5.19.5-3) Buster:(4:5.14.5-1) user management tool for the Plasma workspace www
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  • V

  • vym

    Bullseye & Buster:(2.6.11-3) mindmapping tool www
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  • X

  • xdg-desktop-portal-kde

    Bullseye:(5.20.5-1) Buster:(5.14.5-1) backend implementation for xdg-desktop-portal using Qt www
  • xsettings-kde

    Bullseye & Buster:(0.9-2) XSettings daemon for KDE
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  • Y

  • yakuake

    Bullseye:(20.12.1-1) Buster:(3.0.5-1) Quake-style terminal emulator based on KDE Konsole technology www
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  • Z

  • zanshin

    Bullseye:(0.5.71-2) Buster:(0.5.0-2) to-do list manager www