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Articles and Blogs:

This area is for Raspberry Pi users to create blogs and articles showing what they are doing with their mini computer. This can be anything from creating their first program to a team creating a full commercial project.

Links to Project and Activities where Raspberry Pi's are being used in Schools and Education.

This is things that RPi users have done that they just want to say I've done that!. Post a picture and tell us what you have acheived.

Including music players, sound editors and converters.

For projects where the Raspberry Pi is the core of a dedicated device acting as the main controller and is not used for any other activity. eg Robot controller, In car entertainment system.

Games for the Raspberry Pi

Including image viewers, editors, converters, renderers.

Internet based projects including web browsing, e-mail and communication, online security and filtering, parental controls.

Multimedia players for home and portable entertainment systems.

Projects for connecting to networks and devices, media streaming, file sharing.

including Programming Languages, compilers, editors.

Projects for Video Processing

Emulation of other devices including Games systems, computers and dedicated devices.

Projects aimed at running a buisness including finance, scheduling, communication, software suites and organisers.

Development of Operating systems for the Raspberry Pi

including home security, motion detection, logging.

Sharing the knowledge in tutorials and guides.

Additional hardware for the Raspberry Pi to enhance it's capabilities, including GPIO programming.

Custom made Raspberry Pi cases

Projects that do not fit into any other category.

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