Raspbian Software Packages (52)

Raspbian comes with 1000's of programs and files available for download by using the apt-get command in terminal.

This section lists the available packages by category.

How to use the apt-get command to install packages

Administration packages

Communication Packages for Raspbian

Database Packages

Debug Packages

Development Tools

Documentation and How To's

Educational Packages

Electronics Related Packages

Email and related programs

Fonts available for download

Games for the Raspberry Pi

Various programes for the Gnome Desktop.

Graphics Software

Ham Radio Packages

Packages for the Haskell programming Language

Web Servers and related programs

Interpreter Packages

GObject introspection files.

Java Packages

JavaScript Packages

Linux Kernel Packages

Libraries for Developers

Libraries and Plugins

Lisp Programming Language

Language packs for various Packages

Maths and related software

Meta Packages

Miscellaneous Packages

Internet and Networking Packages

News Readers

Packages for the Objective Caml programming language

Packages for Other Operating System File Systems

Packages for the Perl programming language

Packages for the PHP programming language

Packages for the Python programming language

Packages for the Ruby programming language

Science related packages

Shell tools and replacement Shells or Terminal windows

Sound players and tools

Packages for Schmant tasks

TeX Typesetting tools

Text, Language and Dictionaries

Various Utillities

Version Control Systems

Video software, players, converters and tools

Web based tools and applications

X11 Packages

Xfcs Desktop Environment

Zope object-oriented web application server

Additional information